Flash mobs…your firm may be next!

Yesterday, Blakes, one of Canada’s largest and most prestigious corporate law firms held a flash mob in a food court to ring in the holidays.  One has to wonder when other professional service firms will catch on to this trend.  Will we be seeing a flash mob at your next inventory count?


5 Responses to Flash mobs…your firm may be next!

  1. Jon Smith says:

    Flash mobs are an excellent way to generate publicity for your company. They also offer a great opportunity for your staff to bond over a team exercise. The T-Mobile advert flash mobs were very successful.

  2. We, American accountants are too stiff to give a d..n about fun stuff like this. Obviously, the company from the vid seems to be a positive exception, but I’m sure that my work pals won’t do it like that.

  3. Lets hope they don’t break through our doors anytime soon!

  4. I saw the greatest flash mob in Liverpool Street Station once, it was fantastic! Wish I could of been a part!

  5. Gearstream and Footloose says:

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