Summer Reading

For me, the period following busy season (known to mere mortals as “summer”) is a great time to catch up on some reading.  As I get through them, I will post my thoughts and let you know if they’re worth the time.  My reading skews to non-fiction, mostly business (yeah, I know, I can’t leave it at the office), biographies, politics and history.  Feel free to share your summer reading picks, I am always looking for good reading material and I find there aren’t very many good places on the web to find reviews of business non-fiction.

First up on the docket – House of Cards: A Tale of Hubris and Wretched Excess on Wall Street by William D. Cohan


27 Responses to Summer Reading

  1. Peter says:

    It’s become a cliché in Britain to call somebody in the entertainment field a national institution — but that’s exactly what Dawn French is. As both comedienne and actress (the latter in both comedy and straight parts), she has become one of the best loved entertainers in the country. Her range is not wide (unlike her dimensions — and that’s the sort of joke she’d crack), but she is utterly winning in everything he does. And that quality continues in Dear Fatty, a truly entertaining memoir of an event-packed life.The form of the book is a series of letters by French, conjuring her transformation from a West Country RAF girl to a star of the cult alternative comedy group The Comic Strip. This was followed by the groundbreaking all-female Girls on Top (which did much to establish the position of women in British comedy), the astonishing success of the TV series French and Saunders (with French’s equally talented friend Jennifer Saunders) and the sitcom The Vicar of Dibley, where French’s wickedly sardonic touch keeps the tweeness of the basic situation — female vicar in a rustic town — at bay.For French, early dreams of becoming a ballerina or an air hostess came to nothing, but the loss to the worlds of dance and aviation was a gain for TV audiences. All of that, of course, is covered in this frequently hilarious and often moving collection. We are invited into her most personal relationships with (among others) her mother and father, her husband (fellow comedian Lenny Henry), and, of course, her most important comedic ally, Jennifer Saunders. Everything French describes — from the agonies of being a teenager to the death of her father — and (of course) the way in which society defines her by her generous size — is treated with a highly diverting insight. Fans of Dawn French’s TV appearances will lap it up, but Dear Fatty has a lot more to offer, even to those only vaguely familiar with her. But is anyone in Britain only vaguely familiar with Dawn French? –Barry Forshaw

  2. Nate Wood says:

    Dawn French has added more to British comedy that she generally gets credit for. Since Ab Fab, it seems that the spotlight tends to fall on Jennifer Saunders more than Dawn French. Her work recently in Psychoville was outstanding I think.

  3. mike says:

    Maybe not books but good financial articles at

  4. Any other posts coming soon? We miss you Anonymous Accountant!

  5. Nitaweini says:

    True words, some truthful words dude. Thanks for making my day.

  6. Nitaweini says:

    Fantastic affair, I did not thought this was going to be so interesting when I saw the title with link!

  7. zunedita373 says:

    Man, those JibJab guys crack me up

  8. Joe says:

    I’d suggest the Outliers book by Gladwell ( for some good reading.

  9. Nick says:

    Does anyone here know what the anonymous accountant is up to these days? Is the anonymous accountant still grinding it out at a big four? Or did they leave? I can see that two months in they hated it, what about 2 years in? Can’t seem to find any recent posts, the most recent one is May 2009.

  10. Freddy says:

    Frankl – Man’s search for meaning

  11. Gordon says:

    Hope you update your blog soon 🙂 You should update this more often!

  12. It’s nice to have summer reading because it add ups to your knowledge and the same time you are exploring.

  13. summer is really lots of fun, sunshine and warm weather, but for busy bodies like us, summer means hard works, besides we work all year round, winter, spring, summer or fall, it doesn’t makes any differences.

  14. R Smith says:

    Great choice in books I just finished it

  15. If you are interested in accounting related books, and are on twitter, you might be interested in following this account They tweet about new accounting books on the day of their release.

  16. Great recommendation from Joe on Gladwells book, Outliers. Read that a couple of months back Its a great read. Another book that I read just recently and was fantastic was The E-Myth by Micheal Gerber. Talks about growing a business and his theory on why so many small businesses fail.

  17. shiva03 says:

    summer reading is the good to learn more about the world,it is good habit instead of sitting without work.

    regards ,

  18. Yogesh says:

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  19. Matt says:

    I was wondering what you thought I should be doing to be best prepared for the Job market out of College. I’m about to be a Junior in college majoring in accounting and finance and would love any advice you’d like to give me!



  20. I too enjoy reading books based on factual events and particulary enjoyed reading a book on Donald Trump, tells a very interesting story about his use of power and influence on the markets, etc.

    Having said that I also find the latest Wilbur Smith novels a great read. They are loosely based on history to a small extent.

  21. MisterMister says:

    Check out this awesome bestselling Big 4 satire on Amazon. Written by a Big 4 survivor. It’s HIL. LAR. E. OUS, peeps. So hilarious that you can’t utter the word without pausing between syllables. Check the link and click “look inside” for 4-page Big 4 plot setup.

  22. An unputdownable communication is worth mention. I consider that you should pen author on this matter, it strength not be a inhibition case but generally fill are not enough to mouth on specified topics. To the succeeding. Cheers like your Summer Reading The Anonymous Accountant.

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  24. There are some great books being discussed on here, many of which are a fantastic read.

  25. Reading books in the summer is also known as sleepy read, because most of the times we feel to sleep due to hot environment.

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