Will I Get Time Off?

It is now October. I have been at this for weeks and have decided that I will take up a friend’s offer and go away for a week between Christmas and New Year’s. The question is will I get the time off? From what I have heard, we first year’s are considered “on call” during that time for wonderful year end inventory counts. Also, after hearing one of our lead partners lecture us on the need to bill as many hours as possible, will this partner approve my request for 3 days off (I’d be using statutory holidays to make up the rest of the time)? Well, I’m putting in the request tomorrow, so we shall see, but I have to say, I do not have high hopes.


2 Responses to Will I Get Time Off?

  1. Krupo says:

    You’re not writing the CKE in January?

  2. Everyone deserves some time off, hope you did get to enjoy the holidays.

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