Wanna Become a CA? Don’t do it in Quebec!

As many of you know, in order to get that illustrious CA/CPA designation, one must study for hours on end AFTER a hard day’s work and pass a very difficult exam. But at the very least, in Canada and the USA, one can study at one’s own leisure, studying around work. Have a few free moments on that plane ride to Houston? There’s a chance to study. However, all is not well in Quebec. I have been told that those who want to sit for the UFE (the exam Canadians must take to receive their designations) must do TWO YEARS of classes on top of their demanding jobs at accounting firms. To me, this is sheer insanity. How can one be expected to do one’s job properly if you have leave early to go to a night class and then study after said class? I have also been informed by our unlucky Quebecois comrades that because of the demands of classes, students are completely shut out from any travel opportunities. Shame on you, Quebec.


11 Responses to Wanna Become a CA? Don’t do it in Quebec!

  1. Bummer. At least the UFE pass rate is higher in Quebec than Ontario! I’m not a huge fan of the regional disparaties in the CA program either – it doesn’t make sense to complicate the matter – the CA is a Canadian (and international) designation, not specific to the province or region where it was earned.

  2. Krupo says:

    Yeah, but we “won” last year by being able to use laptops sooner than them. 😉

  3. Mitchell says:

    Your comments are not really accurate. I am a CA who qualified at John Molson (Concordia) University in Quebec.

    In order to obtain the Quebec CA you need to obtain two years of work experience and in order to sit for the UFE you must complete one of the Graduate Diploma programs at one of the Quebec Universities. Usually it takes two years to complete a Graduate Program on a part time basis. I managed to complete the program in one year as a full time student. But once you complete the program you can write the UFE. I should add that this Graduate Program can be leveraged to obtain an MBA at most schools.

    This method has been used for years in Quebec and as a graduate of the program I can tell you that on average Quebec accountants better prepared for the UFE than most Canadian accountants. You should look at the average UFE pass rates for Quebecers compared and compare it to the National average. Quebecers aren’t smarter than the rest of Canadians but they are better prepared.

    While the Graduate Diploma was difficult my graduating class had a 90% pass rate on the UFE. The teachers at all the schools are excellent and my education has made me a darn good accountant and auditor.

    You’re fooling yourself if you think the extra school is a waste. Most of us plan to be accountant/auditors for 30+ years what does one extra year of school really mean in the grand scheme of things.

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  6. Zeeshan says:

    On top of what Mitchell said there is one more added benefit of doing C.A from Quebec. i.e you do not have to be sponsored by your firm to write the exam. so anyone who wants to start his career can do so after writing the U.F.E.

  7. Well that’s how thing operate here in the UK.

    I sat and passed all of my chartered accountancy exams whilst working full-time. I used to finish work and then head to the library to study for an hour, that lasted for about two years!

    How good it now feels to be fully qualified!

  8. nooroon says:

    very effective guidline

  9. As an accountant in Chorley I have to say we don’t really have the problem of the bright lights of Chorley as a distraction. When I was studying I found it easy to concentrate on accountancy, although at times I did run out of motivation I found that one of the best ways to get back on tarck is to take an enforced break of twnety minutes. Accountancy then appears to more interesting in comparision with doing nothing.

    Are there any other Chorley Accountants out there who could add their comments?

  10. Becoming a qualified accountant will never be an easy ride. That needs to be accepted from the start of your studies.

  11. Maggie says:

    You’re also forgetting that in Ontario you need to work 3 years while in Quebec 2 years is accepted at a CA firm. So Quebec has a higher UFE pass rates and issues ‘CA’ titles sooner than ON. so we can command a higher salary earlier than those in ON.

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