Cool Post Public Accounting Job #3…Counter Terrorism

I’m not saying that you should give up your time in an audit room to start basic training and become a commando. What I am referring to is the forensic accountants who work with intelligence agencies around the world in an effort to track and stop the flow of terrorist money. In a way, these forensic accountants are even more useful than those doing the fighting since terrorists are helpless without their Swiss bank accountants and money laundering operations. The best part of the job? The satisfaction that you would feel after seizing assets that you know would have been used to kill innocent people. That is what draws me to the job. The worst part? The pay sucks.


5 Responses to Cool Post Public Accounting Job #3…Counter Terrorism

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  3. qupis95 says:

    I searched for such site. Thanks you

  4. Grant Thornton is a multi-professional group of Public Accountants and Auditors, Financial Advisers, Business, Industry, Tax and Legal Consultants.

  5. These are cool jobs and very appealing to me but if the pay is so poor then maybe its better.remaining a fantasy.

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