The Blackberry Backlash

One of the first posts made on this blog was one complaining about how accounting firms do not equip their legions of auditors with Blackberrys, which would make email access all the easier.

Well, I’ve changed my mind.  Here comes a rant.


I came to this conclusion a few weeks ago through a number of conversations with professionals and from the recent reports that companies may be on the hook for unwittingly addicting an entire generation of workers and seriously encroaching on personal lives.

From what I have heard, those who do not have them do not want them.  They fear that the BB is the ultimate tether to the office, where the constant and inescapable beeps of new email is tantamount to a complete loss of non work time.  Those that do have them find them an invaluable tool, but again, feel that they feel compelled to constantly check the diminutive device on nights and weekends.  There is a feeling that not checking it constantly or simply turning it off will be seen as treasonous and would make one appear to be lacking in dedication to their job.  I for one agree, and have seen far too many people out for dinner with their families or significant other, with their attention fixated on email when it most certainly should not be.  I say check it once after leaving the office, then turn it off.  Do not take it to dinner, movies, bars or on dates.  And companies should not encourage this type of behavior either.

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