The Big 4 on Facebook?

During a recent session of perusing Facebook, I came a cross a rather interesting development.  It seems that Ernst and Young has set up a sponsored group on the immensely popular social networking site.  The aim seems to be recruiting college grads into the firm.  The group has over 3000 members as of today and most posts to its discussion boards consist of wide eyed college grads looking for information on EY’s popular internship program.  I have to say, its a very interesting approach to recruitment and I commend the firm for going after students where they live online.  One wonders if this site has helped anyone get a job at EY or if it will have an impact on campus recruitment. 

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3 Responses to The Big 4 on Facebook?

  1. Angry Accountants says:

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  2. Facebook is a great way to gain publicity amongst the younger generations and I can see the benefits of the big having a presence on Facebook. Afterall, Facebook users may well be the business CEO’s of the future.

  3. This is very interesting to see and a clear sign of the power and influence of such sites. Its great to see sites like facebook being used to their full potential.

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