Cool Post Public Accounting Job…Product Controller

We all know that most people in public accounting want to get out as soon as they find a good posiiton in industry where they can make more money and work hours that are somewhat sane. However, a lot of us going into public firms simply don’t what our exit opportunities are going to be like. So, as a first in a continuing series, I’ve decided to showcase some fascinating positions that are available to those who are ready to leave public work.

The first showcase job is a product controller at a an investment bank. These are the people behind the derivative and credit products at these banks and they are in great demand, as evidenced by this article on eFinancialCareers out of the United Kingdom. According to the article, certified accountants are in high demand in the London market and are making boatloads of money. Salaries can go as high as 52 000 pounds, or about $105 000 US, with bonuses of 25% of base salary. These are salaries for people with only two to three years of public experience and, of course, who have just gotten their professional designations. The salary progression is pretty great as you go up the ladder, and one can imagine that the hours are way better than those of investment bankers.

For a description of the typical duties of a product controller, see this link to a typical job offering.

ADDED: This is an interview with the head of structured product control at the Royal Bank of Scotland, a PricewaterhouseCoopers alum who  discusses his job, the role of product control and how new accounting regs have markedly changed the industry environment.  Enjoy!

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