Where’s My Blackberry???

For some reason, auditors do not get Blackberrys, unless of course you are a partner. Now, this NEVER made any sense to me. It’s not that I want one just as a status symbol, to be perceived as being important enough to have one (damn you finance people). I feel we need them for practical reasons. Here are a few:

-Auditors, especially those below the rank of Manager, are RARELY at the office where we have high speed access to our email accounts.
-Many of our clients’ IT people are loathe to set up a high speed connection for us, meaning we have to dial in, which is a painfully slow process (imagine 20 minutes of downloading email and splitting a 56K dial up connection with 5 other people)
-We invariably are getting email all day, and the fact that I have no access to it is clearly not a good enough excuse (how else am I supposed to get those firm emails and respond to happy hour invites)
-It’ll make us look cool relative to people in finance
-I can look busy even when I’m just emailing my friends

So, auditors out there, let’s try and convince the firms to get us some BBs. If only for our egos!


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