The Rankings

Ever wonder how the various accounting firms stack up? Who’s #1?

Well, here’s a table that shows the top 10 Canadian firms and their respective revenues. This info is for 2005.

1 1 Deloitte & Touche LLP – Toronto 1,151,000
2 2 PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP – Toronto 878,600
3 3 KPMG LLP – Toronto 855,574
4 4 Ernst & Young LLP – Toronto 788,000
5 5 Grant Thornton – Toronto 361,000
6 6 BDO Dunwoody LLP – Toronto 260,892
7 7 Meyers Norris Penny LLP – Calgary 142,664
8 8 Collins Barrow – Waterloo 109,100
9 9 RSM Richter – Montreal 98,000
10 10 PKF Canadian Firms 78,868

Well, you have got all of the usual suspects up there. To be honest, I never realized that KPMG was so big in Canada, I always assumed they would be ranked 4th, as they are in the US. EY is the smallest of the Big 4 in Canada, whereas in the US it has the most public clients of any of the Big 4 (although it’s probably 2nd-3rd in revenue). Big D still owns its consulting shop outright, so its numbers are higher. Beyond the Big 4 you’ve got good showings from BDO and Grant Thornton.


3 Responses to The Rankings

  1. Michael Auditor says:

    Big D’s got it made in the shade, my friend. It’s not to late to change sides. You know you want to…

  2. Would you please send 10 Top accounting firm in Canada 2006

  3. Who can response below questions
    1- send list of Top 10 accounting firm in Canada 2006
    2- Who has responsibility for auditing firm investigation in Canada stock Exchange?

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