Tax season…yay!

“The hardest thing in the world to understand is the income tax.” — Albert Einstein, physicist

I couldn't agree more. The Income Tax Act in Canada is probably the most poorly written law on the books. Those of who study it hate it even more. Of course, during tax season, even us students are looked up to as tax experts, dispensing the gospel of the T4 and the all mighty deduction. Well, to help those of you out there (especially students), I'll be sharing some of the more interesting tips, tricks, links and other fun stuff that I've come across that might help alleviate some of the pain and allow you to hand over less of your hard earned cash to the government.

For now, here are some interesting links. Check back for tips later this week.

If you're a complainer, this is your lobby group.,,id=110483,00.html

I find it funny that the IRS actually has a quotes page. Some of them are funny, but most of them seem to be about the joys of handing your money over to the government, how it stops society from breaking down, etc.

These are some cool tax calculators, courtesy of Ernst and Young LLP, that'll do some basic tax calculations for you.

Lots of interesting articles on common tax issues, with a slant to corporate/business taxation issues.


2 Responses to Tax season…yay!

  1. The Pretty Accountant says:

    This Blog is great. Finally someone is trying to help out us lost accountants. I truly can’t wait to hear more about your experiences and get some great insight on the life of working at the bottom in one of the big 4. You are truly a great inspiration, keep up the good work!!!

  2. Things are no different in the tax world here in the uk where experienced accountants struggle to grasp some of the more complex tax issues.

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